October 21, 2015

Pale Dark

Pale Dark Covers 2 CB

Pale Dark features the adventures of Subject K as he battles the Pale Man and his army of powerful goons. Taken into custody by the mysterious Pale Man, Subject K is interrogated and tortured for reasons unknown to him. He is about to learn the world is a much larger place than he ever could have imagined.

Voted one of the Best Indie Comic Series of 2014 by www.ComicBastards.com







Created and Written by Chuck Amadori and featuring the art of Ruvel Abril and colors of Matheus Bronca (issue 4- ).

Pale Dark Issue 1 cover LR

Pale Dark: Issue 1

Subject K is interrogated, experimented on and imprisoned by the mysterious Pale Man.

Pale Dark Issue 2 cover 900

Pale Dark: Issue 2

Subject K is subjected to more testing. Pale Man’s plans begin to come to fruition as Subject K makes a move.

Pale Dark Issue 3 cover

Pale Dark: Issue 3

Pale Man sends two squads of Elite Soldiers down to locate Subject K and Spez. Meanwhile, Spez leads Subject K to safety. However, the fight to get home is just beginning for Subject K.


Pale Dark: Issue 4

Subject K learns more about the underground Resistance, which has come under attack by the Pale Man’s forces. Spez’s condition proves to be more complicated than Dr. Layne initially thought. Subject K decides to set out on his own, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, on Pale Man’s station, Dr. Vernon continues her work trying to synthesize Alternium. Pale Man reveals some new sensations as he tries to speed things up in the lab.


Pale Dark: Issue 5

Pale Dark - Subject K Vol 1 cover LR

Pale Dark: Vol 1 (issues 1-5 collected edition)